February 28, 2012

Guest travel blogger found!

And the winner is…..

Kyle Bell from Concrete Playground! Congratulations!! What an amazing time you’re about to have.

*Kyle will update us every week on what he’s up to and you can follow the 5 bloggers from around the world on Tumblr as they embark on a 30-day bus trip around NSW being led by Tweets and locals recommendations.

Good luck mate!


It’s not often you get an opportunity as cool as this… Read on and see if you’ve got what it takes.

I’m looking for a blogger in the 18-30s age group who fancies spending 30 days on the road travelling through NSW Australia in March with other bloggers from around the world. You’ll have an all-expenses paid trip, including flights, accommodation, meals, crazy activities and we might even be able to eke out a little daily stipend.

You’ll be required to write a blog post each day of between 300-500 words and take great photos to go with your stories.

If this sounds like you, email me megan@bloggeratlarge.com with a brief bio about yourself and send me a link to a couple of examples of your writing that I can forward on to the relevant people.

Good luck!


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