June 29, 2009

Air New Zealand's new naked safety video

Air New Zealand are making sure even their most frequent fliers will sit up and take notice of their new safety video on the domestic 737 flights as the whole thing is done with naked body-painted crew!

We’ve already seen CEO Rob Fyfe doing a naked cameo as baggage handler but this safety demonstration video runs through strategically placed life jackets and seat belts as some very courageous Air NZ staff (not actors) bare all for their company. But alas, while I paid attention to every detail I was only rewarded with a blurry bum shot from the hostie as she walked down the aisle.

This is the ad…


And if you want to see the behind the scenes making of the nude ad (with Rob Fyfe)…


"Air New Zealand's new naked safety video" - What do you think?

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