April 29, 2009

Dance like no one will tell you off

Welcome to my new travel blog!

This is my first post… I hope that as we travel the world together, you’ll be inspired to visit places you might not have considered, glean practical information from my own experiences – calamities and all. But most of all, enjoy the ride – and dance like no one will tell you off!singing-in-the-rain

This little guy was clearly bored with his parents shopping in a Miami downpour. He was later bundled off in a towel.

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Megan Singleton is a word slinger of online, print and radio. She's been gallivanting around the world telling stories for the last 17 years and has her suitcase always half packed (or half un-packed!) Follow along on Facebook or Twitter and sign up for monthly newsletters if you want to keep up with the journey!

"Dance like no one will tell you off" - What do you think?

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