January 12, 2010

Explosives secretly placed on passenger #fail

In the wake of the latest security scare after that naughty Nigerian al-Qaedean tried to blow up a plane as it came in to land at Detroit (which had president Obama’s black face turning pink with embarrassment, then red with rage) security measures worldwide are being stepped up. But you would seriously NOT want to be the guinea pig passenger of this experiment:

Some well meaning security officials in Slovakia decided to “test” their security by placing REAL explosives onto an unsuspecting passenger’s bag and see if he’d get through. He did. All the way to Dublin in fact with 90 grams of plastic explosives attached to his hand luggage. The sniffer dogs were meant to sit, bark, stand on their hind legs or whatever it is they do in Slovakia when they smell a bomb, but it appears they were too busy sniffing their own bums and when the poor man landed at Dublin a huge hullabaloo broke out.

Oh yes there is much consternation and finger wagging at the fact that REAL explosives were used on a REAL flight with a REAL passenger, but imagine it from his point of view?! He lands happily, looking forward to giving his wife a big pash and throwing his baby son in the air (disclaimer: I have no idea whether this occured or was even likely as I have no idea who the man is – and there is no binary code to reveal him in this blog) when all of a sudden the entire weight of the long arm of the Irish law must have descended upon him, took him aside, pointed out he was carrying highly dangerous explosives, asked him questions, explained how he came to be in possession of such ammunition and then let him go home for a cup of tea and a lie down.

Slovakia’s border police called the incident “a silly and unprofessional mistake.”

To read the proper newsy account on CNN, click here.

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