July 9, 2009

Medical tourism in New Zealand takes off!

With the kiwi dollar worth not  much more than a ruble (that’s not actually true but sure feels like it) and our medical profession going great guns with the latest technology, brainy people and fancy equipment – it was a no-brainer to launch ourselves into the American market with medical holidays.

Nose jobs and porcelain veneers might not be worth the 12 hour flight from LA, but a hip replacement sure is! Medtral is a new medical tourism company that will whip in a new hip for US$13,000 (about $20,000?) in a private hospital instead of the US$65,000 to have it done in the States! Man, think of how much you’d save EVEN if you came down in the lie-flat beds in Air New Zealand’s business class, bought the entire duty free trolley and you’d still have something left over to give to Karen Walker or Trelise Cooper before you went home.

Are we the next Thailand or Mexico…? What do you think – would you come?

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"Medical tourism in New Zealand takes off!" - What do you think?

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