October 24, 2009

Nude calendars and the A&P Show

Oh how times have changed since my sister and I were dressed in matching smocked frocks made especially for a day at the Hawkes Bay A&P Show!

The Friday of Labour Weekend is Hawkes Bay Anniversary day. A 4-day weekend ushered in by the annual A&P Show. Brilliant. (I didn’t realise until recent years that the side shows were the Sizzler, Hurricane, Round-Up, Superloop and candyfloss and that in fact monster Angus cattle the size of school buses in pens and horse jumping with ribbons were actually the main event.)

3 cheeky Tikokino farmers

3 cheeky Tikokino farmers

Of course these farmers from Tikokino knew that. But you won’t find a tie on elastics around their necks nor Aertex shirts in sight. They’re here selling calendars of their farming prowess in the nude.

I got the 3 of them who were touting their naked wares to pose with said calendar open at the appropriate page  (they offered phone numbers but I already felt like I knew them well enough). Part of the proceeds are going to the McCutcheon kids education trust. (See previous blog on murdered Tiko farmer Mark McCutcheon’s bar that his wife just opened.)

I did manage to get an email address however in case you need to get a $10 Christmas gift for a randy co-worker. Gift wrap one of these little beauties by emailing thebrow@xtra.co.nz and tell them Blogger at Large sent you!

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