April 11, 2013

Video: 3 minutes in Havana, Cuba

Cuba car

Life in Cuba

Cuba is amazing! Its dilapidated, run down buildings and sputtering cars make every photogenic street seem like a movie set. I’m not sure how long it will be this, we can only hope, when the current regime changes, the people of Cuba will be able to redevelop and money will come pouring in.

Havana is the city where writer Ernest Hemmingway invented the Daiquiri – and you can drink one at his bar complete with his statue to lean on.

Cuba is also home to the mojito (and yes I tried as many as I could from fresh squeezed sugar cane to pre-made syrups in as many bars as we could find in a weekend). And don’t forget the cigars. I smoked my first ever cigar in Cuba…

Here is my 3-minute vignette of my favourite photos and video compilations of Havana from my 2007 trip to Cuba with my brother.



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