August 2, 2011

The great New Zealand Bucket List

Rugby 7s: Well… maybe not this costume!

I just ticked off the annual Jaffa Race down Baldwin Street in Dunedin, the steepest street in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records (by half a degree), and it made me think about a Great New Zealand Bucket List and what I would put on it.

These are my picks, in no particular order, just as they ocurred to me. Feel free to add your own below!

1. Driving on the sand at Cape Reinga and hurtling down Ninety Mile Beach sand dunes on a boogie board! (See my post and video here >>>)

2. Dressing up like a larrikin for the Wellington 7s

3. Black water rafting under twinkling glowworms at Waitomo Caves

4. Paying repects to Tane Mahuta – the oldest and most sacred kauri tree in New Zealand. At 2000 years old this guy was there when Jesus was born.

5. Eating freaky food at the Hokitika Wild Food Festival. Horse semen shots were on offer this year….

6. Bungy jumping from historic Kawarau Bridge, Queenstown – the world’s 1st commercial bungy jump

7. Seeing an All Blacks test live – and being there in time for the haka

8. Cycle the Otago Rail Trail

Catch those Jaffas!7. Cycling the Otago Rail Trail

9. Seeing a kiwi in the wild – the bird, that is. I take great pains to correct my American friends on the difference between kiwi and kiwifruit. It’s like passion v passionfruit!

10. Screaming at 50,000 jaffas rolling down Baldwin Street, Dunedin at the annual Cadbury Jaffa Race

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