1. Paris marathon

    The best marathons in 2015

    If your goal is to run the New York Marathon or the Paris or even the Reggae Marathon in Jamaica (plus a few more) in 2015 then here are all the links you need…

  2. Shanghai

    Shopping in Shanghai to die for!

    I had the most amazing shopping tour in Shanghai and ended up with more stuff than I could fit into my suitcases for under $600. Have a read and check out how CHEAP it is.

  3. Power points

    What power plugs do I need for travelling?

    I’m collecting photos of power points around the world so you know exactly which adapter to take on your travels. Feel free to send me a pic from your country!

  4. Kungpao thumb

    Cooking kungpao chicken in Shanghai

    I learned to cook kungpao chicken in Shanghai – just like a local. Here’s my version of events plus a recipe for you to try this at home.

  5. Chinese bride thumb

    Shanghai: brides, photos and the weird wedding book

    The fascinating trend of putting together an expensive wedding book is a big deal in China. You see soon-to-be-brides are dotted like confetti all over the city in various outfits, poses and back drops. Here’s what it’s all about – and how much it’ll set you back!