1. Thailand temperatures

    When is the best time to visit Thailand?

    If you’re thinking about travelling to Thailand, this post tells you the best time to go to avoid the rainy season and wicked humidity – but also when to nab a bargain…

  2. Songkran Thailand

    10 Awesome things to do In Bangkok

    There are so many exciting things to do in Bangkok so here is my round-up of 10 including the world’s biggest market for shopping, kick boxing, spa treatments and rooftop bars…

  3. Thailand long boat

    8 stunning uncrowded beaches in Thailand

    Those amazing pics of the clear blue sea lapping on perfect white sand are for real! Here’s my selection of 8 of the best, uncrowded, stunning Thailand beaches…

  4. Anantara Spa thumb

    Thailand wins best spa destination

    I’m not surprised. Truly the best spas I’ve ever been to are here in Thailand. Here’s a link to 3 of my faves…

  5. Freedom Beach Phuket

    The best beaches in Asia

    Check out my picks for secluded beaches, surf beaches and family fun beaches in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia…

  6. In-action-on-field

    All Blacks vs Thai ladyboys!

    What does an ex All Black do with his days? Competes in elephant polo of course! And this year our team of 3 burly Blacks took on a team of Thai ladyboys to compete in the Kings Cup…

  7. Operating Theatre sm

    Everything you need to know about medical makeovers in Thailand

    The next big thing in tourism is medical makeovers. I met the founder of Stunning Makeovers and asked him ALL about it! Would ya…?

  8. Bangkok’s best markets for bargain shopping

    Bangkok’s best markets for bargain shopping

    Who doesn’t love a bargain? When in Bangkok there are 3 markets that you need to know about before you whiz off to some remote sandy beach.

  9. Red Sky sm

    4 stunning rooftop bars in Bangkok

    Warning: this blog is not for acrophobics! It’s for those who would love to be on the 63rd floor of the world to sip a martini and watch the sun drop into night time and the lights of the city start to twinkle.

  10. Tuk Tuk

    The best shopping malls in Bangkok

    Bangkok is big and bustling and most of us just flit through on their way to some gorgeous white sandy beach. So here are the best places to do your whirlwind shopping before you head out of the city for a spot of romance and relaxation.