Rugby World Cup

  1. All Blacks flag

    New Zealand anthem in Maori

    More and more New Zealanders are learning the Maori words of our national anthem as the Rugby World Cup juggernaut climbs ever higher. So if you’re being left behind, here they are, along with a translation (a bit different to the English version) and a video for you to practice in the privacy of your own home…

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    Getting the most out of New Zealand

    A visit to New Zealand is fabulous any time, but right now the whole country is in party-mode due to the Rugby World Cup. This blog gives you ideas of hidden gems to visit in towns around the country that are hosting Cup games.

  3. Cats

    Rugby World Cup 2011 accommodation

    Here’s a list of websites to list your house on for renting during the RWC, but in the comments below you’ll find loads of people offering rooms near the games…

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    What does the All Blacks haka mean?

    If you’ve ever switched on your telly at the start of a rugby game when New Zealand’s All Blacks run out to take on their fiery opponents, you’ll have seen the haka. You’ve probably even tried it yourself – particularly when the keg runs dry! Slapping your thighs and chest and shouting words that sound […]

  5. A progressive party for Auckland’s Rugby World Cup!

    A progressive party for Auckland’s Rugby World Cup!

    Question: Why would anyone pull down these ugly old sheds on Queens Wharf only to put up a tent so rugby fans can party when the brand new Viaduct Events Centre will be up and running in time for the Rugby World Cup?! I DON’T MEAN TO SHOUT, but did you know ground was broken […]

  6. Rugby World Cup ticket inflation!

    Rugby World Cup ticket inflation!

    How about this for inflation??!! Out of the memorabilia boxes last week (and I’m talking about 80 years of rugby programs diligently collected from first class games and tests – oh the joy) we discovered this ticket and program of the last Rugby World Cup held in New Zealand back in 1987. Check out the […]

  7. The Feelers to bang out our RWC song!

    The Feelers to bang out our RWC song!

    Oh cripes. As if it weren’t enough of a hassle having a veritable bull’s run of foreigners overwhelming Kingsland on their way to Eden Park with their exorbitant spending and demands for exotic Savs. Amidst Auckland’s infrastructure making a mad rush to get into ship-shape for the Rugby World Cup, the official theme song for […]