1. Cuba thumb

    Photo shoot: Cuba

    I spent a weekend in Havana, Cuba. Here are my favourite pics…

  2. Cuba thumb

    Video: My 3 minute soiree through Havana, Cuba

    Get a 3-minute glimpse of Cuba through my favourite photos and videos that I’ve put together to the rhythms of Ibrahim Ferrer!

  3. BobMarley

    The pilgrimage to Bob Marley’s birthplace

    I went to Ocho Rios Jamaica for my brother’s wedding but while I was there, it would have been rude not to visit Bob Marley’s home town of Nine Mile. Here’s what I saw…

  4. Cayman stingray

    The stingray feeding frenzy

    We just spent the day on my brother’s friend Jacko’s boat and the boys jumped onto the sandbar at Cayman Island to feed these huge Southern Stingrays juicy squid. Here is the freaky frenzy that follows. Their mouths are underneath in the middle of their bellies so you have to hold the squid in a […]