September 22, 2009

London Fashion Week and the year of the fat girl

Shock news: Size 12 and 14 models are purported to be on the runway at London Fashion Week! (Here’s a link to the furore)

I’ve missed the summer sales in London, but I have the heads’ up for NZ’s winter fashion 2010. Rip open the potato chips – it’s the year of the fat girl!

Loads of drapey cardies, jackets, tunics to be worn over tights. Baby doll dresses, and blazers. But dreadful 80’s pleated pants with tapered legs and the scary playsuit aside, I’d say London is copying us New Zealand. It looks like the winter we’ve just had, so don’t throw out your baggy, floaties, invest in a pair of sky-high gladiator ankle boots and you’ll look like a catwalk feline for sure.

Meowwww - Top Shop's boots are a winter wanna

Meowwww – Top Shop’s boots are a winter wanna

I’ve just trolled Oxford Street in the midst of the epic event of the year for this part of town. And I positively swear I saw big-lipped size 6 Donatella Versace trying on a coat at Top Shop. True!

But while I’m not actually on the guest list for any runway shows, I have had a happy time conducting my own fashion week.

Starting at Marble Arch, this end of the famous street has been happily transformed since I was last here. Instead of solely souvenir and luggage shops, it starts with several sassy stores like New Look (think a slightly posher Supre), Next, Marks and Spencers. Then flagship Selfridges is as fabulous as ever – their Miss Sixty and Miss Selfridge are their own more affordable stuff. Upstairs you’ll find all the big designers. I didn’t even look. My Fashion Week is more street level.

Happily they take Euros here as I had a few left over from my Rail Europe trip so invested into my new fave makeup: Bare Minerals. (Top secret: this is the potion that makes people cry out how young I’m looking!)

Once you get near Bond Street the shopping really picks up with Zara, River Island, Debenhams then further up to Oxford Circus (which is under massive roadwork inconvenience) you have H&M and Top Shop.

I did it in 3 hours but truth be told I only had time for a glimpse at most…

Here’s my post on my girl-crush Mary Portas’ clothes in House of Fraser >>

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