October 12, 2009

Honest to goodness weekend farmers markets

I stumbled upon a farmer’s market yesterday in my ‘hood and it was just the coolest thing – fresh breads (we’re talking posh Grey Lynn ciabatta and pain au chocolat), fudges, macadamia nut butter, fresh veges, smoked salmon, oils, pestos and spreads. They even had a stall where locals could sell their own odd shaped grapefruits from the garden without having to set up an entire booth.

Rocket seedlings

Rocket seedlings

Weekend farmers markets are so popular in New Zealand now that they’re springing up everywhere. The Grey Lynn Farmers Market in the Community Centre on Richmond Road runs every Sunday morning except the last Sunday of the month (i.e. some months they get 3 and others 4). There was a Polynesian church service happening in one of the rooms at the same time and music was wafting into the sunny courtyard as little kids played on the swings and parents drank coffee – and ate those chocolate croissants.

Click here to find a farmer’s market near you for fresh honest to goodness goodness!

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