September 3, 2013

NZ Fashion Week: Twenty-Seven Names on the catwalk

What’s a travel blogger doing at New Zealand Fashion Week? you might ask. Or you might not because you don’t care.

But there I was, sitting in the back row of young Wellington designers Rachel Easting and Anjali Stewart of Twenty-Seven Names show staring at all the beautiful people across the catwalk from me with their hot red or bold purple hair, dressed in either black or something ridiculously outrageous, all in the name of fashion.

There’s a bit of pressure on what to wear to a fashion show. We discussed it as we waited for the show to start. Does one wear the designer you’ve come to see or is that like wearing white to a wedding? There seems to be only 2 schools of fashion thought on what to wear: something unique, bright, over the top and make yourself stand out more than one of 62’s models, or boring, plain and black. Classic but understated and let the designer shine. I opted for the latter. Mainly because the only label in my wardrobe is Glassons.

Here is the runway of Twenty-Seven Names 2014 winter season inspired by designers visit to the Magritte Museum in Brussels (see I got the travel in there). They were inspired Rene Magritte’s classic symbols of bowler hats, green apples and a beating heart and translated it into soft paisley silks, tailored coats and light-hearted graphics on prints.

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