March 19, 2013

Mexico’s hotel for swingers!

While most people come to Mexico to experience the culture, the beaches and the food, there are others who come for entirely different experiences.

Desire Hotel Cabo Mexico

The statue at the entrance says it all really

We were on a day trip from Los Cabos on the Baja Peninsula, seeing the sights and learning new things around every turn. Hotels stand shoulder to shoulder along the white sands of the Peninsula and at the moment it’s humpback whale season so there are plenty of boats out on the flat water of the Sea of Cortez too.

But when Mario, our driver, casually mentioned, as we drove past a hotel named Desire, that this is the hotel for those with “open minds” my eyes opened very wide and my jaw dropped just as much.

This hotel is “clothing optional” and “for swingers”, he said.

Being a curious type I asked him how busy it was, to which he replied that it’s not as full as the others, but it does ok.

So there you have it, make sure you bring your keys to throw into the bowl at reception for a Mexican experience you might not want to tell your mum about.

Desire hotel Mexico

This was one of the more modest pics I found on their website


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