November 12, 2009

OMG Air New Zealand weighed me!!

Weighing scales


Oh good Lord, what is the world coming to when you get to your gate at Auckland Airport with a cabin bag stuffed with lollies and a crunchie bar and find 2 sets of scales and official personnel gathered around to record your sins?!

I first noticed something was awry when Gate 1 for Sydney had a queue to get to the seating area. Joining the line I caught the end of the spiel to the passengers ahead of me and so of course had to make the girl repeat it – and answer more questions – before I subjected myself to what Jenny Craig must wish she could have used as a marketing opportunity.

Apparently every 5 years CAA regulations require all airlines to weigh their passengers and their carry-on luggage (plus crew, cargo, food and fuel) so they know exactly how much they are carrying.

There were 2 scales – 1 for me and 1 for my bag. I was assured no one could see the weights. Just like a Weight Watchers meeting, a lady sat at a computer (actually last time I heaved myself into a WW meeting they were using manual scales and  a pen and paper) and recorded my heftiness.

Comfortingly my lollies were allowed through and I didn’t get a lecture about doing more PE.


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