May 19, 2011

Auckland Airport adds Mac

And I’m not talking the Apple kind that Steve Jobs eats, but the luxurious Mac makeup range. Think eye shadows that smolder – or pop depending on your whim. Lipsticks with which to pout at, my dear, and Studio Fixes to fix all facial foibles.

Mac sits under the giant tree

Under the Weta Workshop canvas tree that spans most of the roof in the newly opened duty free shopping area gate-side, are new coffee shops, Walker and Hall, nice souvenir shops and Mac.

However. (Deliberate fullstop). I am writing this in America where I have just purchased two Mac eyeshadows for US$14.50 each (+ tax) vs the same thing duty-free at Auckland Airport for NZ$30. Mac lipsticks here are $14.50, and Studio Fix in Auckland is $48 vs $26.50 in greenbacks.

So, moral of the story, depending on how much makeup you need, it might be worth buying a plane ticket to LA!

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