May 22, 2016

Napier’s amazing murals

I had the coolest time today, twirling in circles following my map, checking out 29 new murals painted on entire building walls in Napier by New Zealand and international artists in March 2016 as part of the PangaSeed Festival.

They depict the precarious relationship between the ocean and the sealife that live in it. They’re brilliant and well worth downloading the map to take yourself on a tour for a few selfies!

Napier aquarium mural

This one is on the side of the Napier Aquarium

Napier mural art

I think I was most impressed with this one. Note the cigarette butt the fish has swallowed.

Napier mural art

This huge mural, “Ingested Plastic Pollution”, is incredibly intricate

Napier mural art


Napier mural art

Another massive wall and amazing mural, “Plastic Pollution”

Napier mural art

The Napier light house at Perfume Point

Download the Napier Seawalls map here >>>

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