April 30, 2010

A progressive party for Auckland’s Rugby World Cup!

Question: Why would anyone pull down these ugly old sheds on Queens Wharf only to put up a tent so rugby fans can party when the brand new Viaduct Events Centre will be up and running in time for the Rugby World Cup?!

Queens Wharf woolshed party!

I DON’T MEAN TO SHOUT, but did you know ground was broken this month on this new facility being built in place of the old pink Alinghi America’s Cup base on Halsey Street. I had no idea!

Makes you wonder what all the expense on Queens Wharf is really about, doesn’t it? Are there hidden agendas here? Some are beginning to think so…

The new Viaduct Events Centre

I say forget Party Central and have a 4-stage Progressive Rugby World Cup Party!

Here’s the rundown of potential progressive venues: the newly refurbished Aotea Square will have loads of open space and a big screen to watch the games live in an alcohol-free (read, family) environment. This will be completed in October 2010 and capable of holding events for 20,000.

Aotea Square – but the rockets are coming down!

Then you have the new facility at the Viaduct. Forget wrecking Queens Wharf for a temporary reconstruction and just set up another marquee on Te Wero Island at the Viaduct (it’s been done before so we know how!) This is also going to be connected to the new events centre by a temporary walking bridge until a fancy new one is built.

Then, just because we love a progressive party, how about another tent at Britomart that all the surrounding bars can spill in and out of and maybe some live music to play pre-match and half time while everyone gathers around another big screen.

Leave Queens Wharf alone until we have a PROPER plan people!

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