April 9, 2010

Tame that wind-blown Wellington hair!

If you read Noelle McCarthy’s editorial in today’s NZ Herald about the differences between Aucklanders and Wellingtonians you may have had a wee chortle. Unless of course you are Bruce who has posted a comment calling it ‘stereotypical nonsense’.

From wild and woolly to sleek and straight in 30 secs

Happily I come from Hawkes Bay. It’s like Switzerland. We sit pretty much out to the side and while we may be Hurricane supporters (cue the chant) we also like a trip to the Big Smoke over the Bombays for a weekend of shopping and sipping flat whites on the waterfront without losing our toupees. Ok, disclaimer, I now live in Auckland but whenever I’m south of the Bombays I cite Hawkes Bay as my hometown the way Canadians visiting Europe clarify that North America is not the USA. But I digress…

If you are in Wellington of a windy evening – or afternoon for that matter – and your hair is as Noelle describes it, dash in to Macs Brewbar, just a stone’s throw from Te Papa on the waterfront, with a $2 coin and use these hair straighteners in the ladies loo!

Sorry blokes, but I didn’t check out the male ablution block so cannot confirm nor deny that the same priviledge is available for your wayward tresses.

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