April 8, 2010

Singapore’s scary foodhalls!

Mmm anyone fancy a little bowl of somethin-somethin at this foodhall in Singapore?


Pig’s Organ Soup is just one of the mouth-watering outlets at VivoCity – Singapore’s largest shopping mall. It’s right at the beginning of Sentosa Island, beside the bridge and has a very funky exterior. In fact I thought the building wasn’t quite finished, but what the clever cladding does is hide the boring bits.

But back to the soup shop. I confess to doing a runner in the direction of something more recognisable. But apparently pigs meatball soup is on offer here if you don’t fancy bits of stomach or liver floating in your broth. Who said Singapore cuisine was only chilli crab and Singapore noodles?!!

I loved this sign too to make sure you put your rubbish in the bin:

Can I get one of these signs for home?

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