July 28, 2009

My West Hollywood extreme makeover!

I’m here in West Hollywood to film a wee travel piece for TVNZ Breakfast on the whole hoopla of celebrity-ism. I do actually  pride myself on being a very good stalker (!), but this was a genuine appointment – no hiding behind the bushes and leaping out as he gets into his car (for example) was required to come face to hair-do with TV’s Extreme Makeover stylist to the stars Steve Lococo at B2V Salon.

If (like me) you love those shows where the ugly duckling gets turned into a beautiful swan, then you’ll know Steve. He’s the guy who trims and teases the tresses of transforming beauties and voila! Tears all round.

So in we go and Steve is absolutely lovely. No, ‘honey you need work!’ – which I tried to get him to say on camera. He’s not like that at all, instead he gives me tips on how I can style my short coiffure into any number of ways. It was enlightening. I was also made-up by Deborah Esposito who hid all my imperfections and made me into a diva! She does makeup for stars on Oscar night, has worked on Annie Liebovitz shoots – and today she’s got me.

Steve loved my hair (yay Kelly at Blaze Newmarket – big Up’s girl!) and decided to go for “the explosion”!

Va va voom baby!!

Steve Lococo and his latest Hollywood diva!

Steve Lococo and his latest Hollywood diva!

Here’s the clip we made of my 3-minutes like a diva in West Hollywood

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