September 9, 2009

Video: Aloha! Me and Waikiki on TV

I went to Waikiki with cameraman Brian Platt and this link is to my 5-minute travel story that ran on TVNZ  Breakfast as an overview of this bustling sea-side city. And boy does it bustle!

From the surfers heading to the waves to bob like seagulls, to the late night shopping and clubbing crowd, it’s action stations pretty much 24/7.

Heading to the waves

Heading to the waves

On this video I checked out the new shops at Beachwalk – including Yard House the pub with 150 beers sold in yard (and half yard) glasses. You’ll see plenty of undies/togs moments, have a quick tour through International Marketplace and finish with some fine dining at Roy’s – the father of Fusion Cuisine.

Click here for the video on TVOne Breakfast>>


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