September 6, 2009

Hawaii’s Moana Surfrider hotel

It’s 7am in Hawaii and surfers are bobbing on the gentle waves outside my balcony at the majestic Moana Surfrider like a sitting flock of seagulls. No one seems bothered that the waves are really little. It seems to be more about the early morning chat as they sit on their 13-ft longboards rolling over the swell.


Moana Surfrider entrance - waves out the back!

The Moana is the grand old lady of Waikiki. Built in 1901 she was the first hotel along the beach. A veranda wraps around the building with rocking chairs and the huge banyan tree that sits in the front bar/restaurant/pool area has five trunks and is obviously growing in sand, only metres from the sea.

In the afternoons there is live music to while away the day, or soak up the rays for a few minutes by the pool. There’s a wedding every day here and I saw three brides in one day!

They bought the Surfrider hotel next door and joined the two. Word is the Surf’s going to be imploded sometime soon. I sooo need to come back and see that!

If you don’t stay here, at least come and have a drink under the banyan tree and people watch.

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