July 23, 2013

Howie goes to Maui

How cute is this? The writer and producer of Modern Family, Danny Zuker, has teamed up with the Four Seasons Resort on the Hawaiian Island of Maui and written them a cute rhyming children’s book about 5-year old twins Heather and Howie on holiday in Maui.

Howie goes to Maui Danny Zuker

Genius. This is how hotels and brands need to start thinking. Outside the box. Air New Zealand is great at it with their zany safety briefing videos, but I haven’t seen such a TV royalty/five-star hotel marriage before. Have you seen this kind of stuff before?

Here’s the book so you can check out his Seuss-style writing. (Best read in a jolly lilting voice)

Read Howie goes to Maui here >>>

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