April 24, 2012

Johnny Cash's daughter launches 'Brand USA'

It’s hard to believe but the United States has never had a tourism department to market the entire country to the world. For 236 years (since the 1776 signing of the Declaration of Independence – just to drop a quick history lesson in there) people have formed their own impressions of America. That is until now.

Instead of relying on each state or city to do the work of luring lucrative tourists to the Land of the Free, Brand USA was launched today at Pow Wow – the travel trade show which is currently on in Los Angeles and where I am hob nobbing.

I was summoned to a ridiculously early 8am press conference today to hear and see the new look and sound of Brand USA. And the rest of the world’s tourism departments have been put on notice, said chairman Stephen Cloobeck, “we will set the bar for promoting a destination,” sounding very pep-rally like.

The proof of this marketing pudding will be in the eating of course, but here’s a taste of that pudding by way of the first TV commercial featuring Johnny Cash’s daughter Roseanne who wrote this song and performs it with local and international musicians and a medley of images to show the US as we don’t know it.

I like it. What do you think?


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"Johnny Cash's daughter launches 'Brand USA'" - What do you think?

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