September 4, 2009

Hawaii: Surfin Waikiki

In Hawaii everyone surfs. Except me. I just wander about. But there are surf lessons happening all along the beach and you can see tots to grandads having a fun old time. Although the latest trend seems to be paddleboarding.

Surfboard storage

Surfboard storage

For the really serious there’s surfboard storage rentals on the beach with boards towering at least 10 feet tall.

Here’s a tip: if you’re starting out, the longer the board the easier it is to master. They say go for a 9ft board at least. How one carries it to the sea I’m not sure as I didn’t see any wheelbarrows, but perhaps you could smile sweetly and someone will carry the other end. Ahh, I think I’ll just stick to one of these hot pink tubes and bob around.

This is more me...

This is more me…

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