January 1, 2010

Best job in the world blogger is stung!

Remember the hoopla that Queensland Tourism cleverly generated with their Best Job in the World campaign to lure a blogger to Hamilton Island, one of the Great Barrier Reef islands, as caretaker? The winner was Ben Southall, a 34 year old ginga from England in a marketing coup that they reckon yielded $115 million worth of free media coverage.

Well this week poor old Ben is nursing some injuries and may not be thinking he does have the best job in the world after he was stung by a lethal jellyfish!

The venomous jellyfish

The tiny venomous jellyfish

Fortunately for him it wasn’t lethal as he explains in his blog (which hitherto I have not read, but since his life/death experience I shall now follow keenly).

Alas he is down to his last few days and has bravely managed to avoid shark bites, snake bites and spider bites but wham – this miniscule little creature known as an Irukandji got him. It felt like a bee sting at first, he says, then by the time friends got him to a doctor he was feeling sick, had pain in his lower back, tightness in his chest and high blood pressure. Fortunately a couple of jabs from a knowledgeable doc saved his proverbial and he can now spend the last few days in paradise enjoying drinks with umbrellas in (or maybe he drinks beer now, after all, he is practically an Aussie).

Click here to read Ben’s Island Reef Blog from Hamilton Island.

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