November 27, 2009

Spend 3 days in a New Zealand rainforest!

Fancy going AWOL (with a guide) in the NZ rainforest for 3 days? The guys at Whirinaki Rainforest Experiences are all set to guide you through New Zealand’s native bush for 3 days/2 nights. But wait – they provide your tent, meals and even a well deserved glass of wine!

It’s luxury camping. Glamping, they call it. A cross between glam and old fashioned camping. They’ll take care of all your needs so you are just left to gaze in wonder at the native bush, stalk New Zealand’s native birds (shooting with only your camera), and pretty much pretend you’re mad botanist David Bellamy. In fact these awesome giant kahikatea, miro, totara, matai and rimu trees still standing today bear testimony to a massive dispute 25 years ago about protecting or logging this 600 sq km forest and that they remain is in part to Dr Bellamy’s efforts to wedge himself in the thick of things with his fellow tree-huggers.

You’ll get 3-course dinners, wine and flushing toilets in what is quite possibly New Zealand’s poshest camping experience.

Your secluded campsite

Your secluded campsite

Here’s quote from Rosalie Smith, a recent hiker after they had walked all day into the heart of the forest:

“Greg had the jug whistling and tea, coffee and that New Zealand favourite, Milo (hot chocolate), were waiting in the large marquee which serves as kitchen, dining and activities tent. Tables, seating, an array of reference books and games completed the setting. Nearby were the showers, hot of course and fuelled by a wood burner. And two flush toilets. Almost decadent.

Beyond the main clearing stood the sleeping area – 10 two-person tents snuggled in among the forest. And on the spring-loaded camp beds, all the comforts of home, feather down sleeping bags, fleecy liners, pillows. Even shampoo, conditioner, towels and soaps.  All was spotlessly clean and the service equalled anything in a hotel.

… it is only when you have slept deep in the forest, hearing the late night call of the moreporks and being awakened by the glorious, melodic morning chorus of the many bird species who are up before you are,  that you really experience Whirinaki as it was created to be experienced.”

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