August 2, 2010

What to expect on a Wendy Wu tour of China

There are two ways to travel this world: as part of a tour or planning your own itinerary. Some people combine both and I’ve done that several times. The good thing about booking an all-inclusive tour is that you can leave your administration brain at home and know that all the rigmarole is going to be taken care of so all you need to do is take photos.

Walking on the Great Wall of China is one of my must-do-before-I-die achievements. That and seeing Shanghai (now done! You can read my posts here >>). Oh and then there’s the newly rebuilt Beijing that’d be worth a squiz…

Look! The mountains match the Yuan note.

One of the most popular Wendy Wu tours for kiwis is The Wonders of China.

This is an all-inclusive 17-day itinerary of all the main highlights of the golden triangle of Beijing, Xian and Shanghai and the gorgeous town of Guilin (sister city of my home town, Hastings) and the Li River area which is so photogenic. In fact this is where you can take the same pic that is on the 50Yuan note.

The tour also includes a four-day Yangtze River cruise where you’ll see the Three Gorges Dam project and Shennong Stream. In the afternoons you can attend lectures on deck or just chill out with a cocktail or take a nana nap. You’ll walk on the Great Wall of China, see the Forbidden Temple in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xian and explore both old and new Shanghai. There’s a beautiful scenic river cruise on the Li River to Yangshuo – where you get the chance to try snake wine onboard(!), meet the locals and visit their houses and get even more photo ops of uber cute pandas at Chongqing Zoo munching on their bamboo leaves.

Snake wine anyone?

And you’ll never go hungry on a Wendy Wu tour! The food is excellent. You’ll try loads of different and delicious regional food depending on where you are each night. Word is you’ll need to get your camera out for the dumplings in Xian where each one is crafted to look like its filling – mini ducks, fish, vegetables! Most meals are served lazy susan-style and there is heaps to choose from.

Then once your tour is over, take a couple more days and explore off-the-beaten-track. That’s what I’d do.


Click here for Wendy Wu Tours website >>

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