March 16, 2014

When is the best time to visit…?

Rainy seasons around the world

Because only some people want to dance in the rain!

Want to know when to hit the best weather everywhere from¬†Australia to Vanuatu? This one’s for you!


I visited Rarotonga once and it rained 5 days out of 7 (which wouldn’t have bothered this kid I saw in Miami who was scooped up in a towel and carried away)

So this post is about the best times to visit according to temperature (not too hot or too cold), humidity and rain – or the lack of it, avoiding rainy season, is my aim. It’s meant to be a one-stop post to help you pick the perfect time to go.

BUT (disclaimer) these are also going to be the peak times for prices, summer holidays and schools are likely out, so booking a trip outside of these months (the shoulder season, they call it) is well worth looking into.

Here goes:

Australia is huge, so I’ll break it into states: Queensland and West Australia – April to September (winter), NSW, Victoria, southern West Australia, Tasmania, South Australia – October to March (over summer)

Argentina – December to May (unless you want to ski, then go June to August)

Bali – April to November

Brazil – November to April

China (Shanghai) – March to May

Dubai and Abu Dhabi – November to April

England – May to September

Fiji – May to October

France – April to September

Hong Kong – November and December

Ireland – May to September

Italy – May to September

Laos – November to February

Malaysia – December to February and May to September

Nepal – September to April

New Caledonia – September to December

New Zealand – December to March

Peru (and Machu Picchu) – May to September

Rarotonga – May to October

Singapore – February to October

South Africa – April to October

Spain – April to October

Tahiti – April to October

Thailand – November to April

USA: Southern states – October to April, Northern states – May to September

Vanuatu – May to September


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