December 18, 2009

Beer match your Christmas dinner

Who knew beer and food matching was even a thing? Not me. But having just written a story for the Herald on Sunday about the amber nectar – which won’t run until after Santa has squeezed his lardy arse down your gas flue – I thought you might want to know what New Zealand beers to rush out and buy this week to have with your turkey and Chrissy pud.

Gone is the clinking of a wee sherry or a buttery chardonnay with your new potatoes and a big cabernet merlot with your fancy lamb rack on the barbecue, this is what David Cryer, chairman of the Brewers Guild of New Zealand reckons for matching the right kiwi beer with your Christmas dinner.

Boysenbeery beer

Boysenbeery beer

Try the Boysenbeery from Invercargill Brewery with your tender turkey.

Glug down a glass of Epic Mayhem Strong Pale Ale or a Dux Norwester with your ham.

Sip on a glass of Three Boys Plum Beer with your Christmas pud.

And if you still have room, pour a cheeky Emersons Brewery JP to have with your cheese and afters.

Merry Christmas!!

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