January 20, 2010

Book your pooch on Pet Airways

Today’s bizarre post goes to Pet Airways. Just when we hear that Japan Airlines has filed for bankruptcy and many others are struggling and laying off crew (or having their uniforms turned bright pink), an airline that sends pets on holiday is doing a roaring trade.



On Pet Airways your cat or dog will travel in the comfort of the cabin and not the luggage hold, their website promises. Fido will be led up the plane steps on his lead or carried by the air hostess. Then he’ll be popped in cage on a shelf in the plane and his drinks order taken.

Here’s a list of what your holidaying pooch will need to take with him: comfy blanket, travel bowl or bottle, identification (no mention of Pet Passports but I’m sure that will come), healthy treats (love that they stress ‘healthy’ only), favourite toy, spare leash and collar, any medication and spare “poop bags”.

Are you serious?

Are you serious?

On the exciting day, you drop your pet off at the Pet Lounge at the airport no later than 2 hours before travel. He’ll get a monitored “potty break” before he boards and checked every 15 minutes throughout the flight.

On a noble side, they also transport abandoned and rescued pets across the country to new homes.

Check out this 1 minute promo video.

Only in America…

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