November 4, 2009

Man accidentally ejects mid-flight

Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

If you haven’t caught up with this story already, a couple of guys were flying loop de loops in an aerobatic plane in South Africa over the weekend. The pilot was experienced at such things but his passenger was not. In the midst of a barrel roll (that might not actually be true, but it was definitely some stomach-lurching manoevre) said inexperienced passenger grabbed the yellow and black emergency handle which was rather incoveniently located between his legs. Hoping it would brace him for the next twirl, you can imagine his surprise when it instead ejected him straight through the roof and into the sky.

Fortunately a parachute deployed and the helicopter that was scrambled to find him picked him relatively unscathed – although vowing to stay away from grabbing levers between his legs ever again.

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