October 18, 2009

Naughty balloon boy puts Ft Collins on the map

While the furore swirls over the missing boy in the balloon who supposedly flew off from his parents back yard in a homemade helium-filled balloon, Ft Collins Tourism must be stoked. I mean what did any one know about Fort Collins? And quite frankly, who cared?

I just did a little Googling and it made me wonder how many hits Fort Collins dot com’s website has had since Thursday when naughty Falcon Heene was found not in fact in the downed balloon in a Colorado field, but upstairs in the attic at home, cryptically telling the media that they ‘did it for the show’.

His family are wacky, that much we know. Twice his parents have been on TV wife swapping shows, his dad is a serial storm chaser and wants to meet an alien, and in the back yard he is building a flying saucer-looking helium balloon that his sons must think is awesome. Falcon’s brother swore he’d seen him climb into before it lifted off, but in fact he hadn’t.

Meanwhile in a scene from the NZ TV ad where the entire nation looks for a man’s car keys (what is that advertising anyway?) the world started chasing the balloon across the US courtesy of the US airforce and every media outlet in the world. You couldn’t pay for this kind of publicity. And that’s the very question being asked of the wacky Heene’s as we speak. Just today Falcon’s mum was escorted from her home by police to answer a few more ‘questions’.

Naughty Falcon should be made a mascot of Ft Collins, Colorado, just as soon as he’s un-grounded.

We did it for the show:

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"Naughty balloon boy puts Ft Collins on the map" - What do you think?

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