May 11, 2018

Win a Cabeau travel pillow!

Be in to win this best-selling Cabeau travel pillow from my Travel Store! 

“The one-stop shop for all your luggage and travel accessories, all delivered to your door”

Here are some reviews from the store:

“I normally can’t sleep on planes and with this pillow I had about 8-hours. And no sore neck. It doesn’t feel claustrophobic around your neck and rolls up well for carrying around. Worth the money.” – Dave
“I am looking forward to using it in a few months time when we go on our long haul flights. I’m sure it will be great. In the mean time I tried it at work sitting in my office and had a couple of hours relaxing sleep. Best day at work in ages.” – Grant
“In the past I have tried a few different travel pillows. The standard U shaped ones leave your head lying on too much of an angle which can be uncomfortable and give you a sore neck. Other blowup ones don’t have the comfort level and are noisy when your ear rests on them. This pillow Is super comfortable. Keeps your head in an upright position and doesn’t move around on you. Highly recommended.” – Lance

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* If you can’t wait to see if you win, jump into the store to buy one as I have taken $20 off until May 20!

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  1. Trish MacFarlane on

    Would love to win, first trip long haul to the UK in August 2018 and will be on and off planes and tour buses for long periods of time and this looks like it will ease my neck pain. Thanks


    I’d love one of these for our campervan journeys. My heads always lolling around and smacking into the window when I fall asleep!

  3. Jennifer Daish on

    I have never been able to find any comfort in the normal neck pillow but the Cabeau travel pillow looks much better. Jennifer

  4. Ann on

    Saw a young lass boarding the ferry with one of these in the weekend and pointing to the pillow as I didn’t know if she spoke English I asked her what she thought of it. Beaming face, lots of hand signals, and Yah Good Best, was the reply.

  5. Varsha on

    Celebrating the big 50 with friends in Los Angeles & nes york so this pillow would be amazing for the big trip in economy !!!
    Thanks god the offer , I have also purchased the travel adaptor from you for this exciting celebration!

  6. Penny Sutherland on

    I already have one of these pillows from you but I would love my husband Paul to have one as well! It might stop him snoring!

  7. marie on

    I would love this pillow for our travelling, as I struggle with shoulder/neck issues and have not found a good travel pillow as yet. Sounds like this one would be great!!

  8. Kaz on

    Off to Europe by myself in September would love any tips for traveling alone , I want to do the ‘real’ Italy and have bn dreaming of this for years. Would love any great tps n tricks especially as on a budget

  9. hannah on

    This would be the best gift ever for hubby. He travels every week for work and is always complaining about his flights and lack of quality sleep! Fingers crossed as these look great.

  10. Toni on

    Had my eye on this for a bit and love your travel tips heaps. I do Europe on biz every 2yrs so long haul would be a ‘dream’ with this for sure!

  11. Trish Mackenzie on

    Yes please…..It would be utterly wonderful to rest my head on. Sleep on a long-haul is not something that comes easy, but am sure this would fit the bill…..perfectly!

  12. Judy Jude on

    Love reading your travel blogs and listening to your great advise when on the radio. I haven’t done a lot of long flight traveling, but when I have, really struggled to be comfortable and to get some sleep on the journey. Have a 17 hour flight coming up in August and would love to win this pillow.

  13. Cherie on

    Would love to win for son who travelling to Prague to represent Nz at rowing junior world championships. This would mean he coûld get good sleep on trip over and more body ready to compete😀

  14. Merilae Nicholson on

    Have tried a couple of Travel pillows without relief, at the age of 71 & still travelling I need as much help as possible to relieve the pain that goes with long flights. Your travel pillow looks amazing & I would love to win this. Thank you

  15. Donna Riley on

    Hi there! I would love to try this pillow. My husband and I are off to The States next month for our 20th wedding anniversary and this would be perfect for all the flights we are taking over there too!
    I’m currently having physic on my neck too! Be interesting to try! Thank you!

  16. Jennie on

    I would love to win the neck pillow, I really need a good travel pillow as I have great trouble with my neck if I sleep on an angle. My husband & I are planning our first big trip to Europe soon & this would be great. 😊


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