October 9, 2012

Take a bespoke tour of London

This guest post is provided by LondonTown.com – and they know stuff about their city!


Tower Bridge, London

A nice angle of London Bridge!

London is a city truly overflowing with sights to see, meals to eat and museums to visit.

Hotels in London have foyers filled with flyers offering tours of the staple landmarks on every tourist’s bucket list. They have one disadvantage though – because of their popularity, they are always packed with people ticking them off their lists, snapping a commemorative picture and moving on, sucking you into the crowd and carrying you away.  London decided to do something about it and bring back the excitement to the sightseeing experience – welcome to the era of bespoke tours!

A bespoke tour is simply a route designed by an experienced guide and tailored to your personal preferences. Whether you’re coming to celebrate an anniversary and need to add a romantic touch, or are a royalty and heritage passionate wanting a bit of royal treatment yourself – it is all absolutely achievable.

Big Ben London

Even on a bespoke tour, Big Ben is a must-photograph

Bespoke Tours Of London and Coutours provide the most professional service. On the first website you can view the guides’ inspirations, themes they cover and annual events that could coincide with your interests. Their offering covers a wide range of budgets, lifestyles and themes. You can request a printed itinerary only, based on all the information you give beforehand, and set off on an independent adventure. Alternatively your personal guide can be with you at all times, taking care of every last detail. If you feel confident enough to explore London on your own but would prefer a back up – that can also be arranged and if you get lost the guide will be at the end of the phone line, ready for a rescue mission.

Coutours developed their own name for their tours – Pret A Portour – Ready to Walk! They have some ‘off the peg’ expeditions, as well as pre-scheduled everyday walks available for anyone for as little as £10. But of course, if you have your own requirements, they will create a tailor-made plan just for you, and don’t be afraid to specify exactly what you want. If you’re a photographer or a video artist – they have tours with a mini course included to let you capture the city to the best of your abilities.

If you fancy a more specialised tour, Insider London are an award-winning walking tour company and they will give you all the information and more. Their offering includes Sustainability Tours, London Design Tours, some alternative history and modern London expeditions. Whether you’re a fan of Banksy or love the thrill of a good ghost story – they have it all covered.

Buckingham Palace

Avoid the throng at Buckingham Palace – take a helicopter tour!

If that’s not enough, even more specialised tour companies have started to emerge, with Urban Gentry priding itself on countless ideas about urban initiatives. If you have a design oriented business and need inspiration – they will guide you around the city making sure that you find plenty. What’s more, they provide creative meetings management and they already work on individual projects with brands such as IKEA, Schwartzkopf, Canon and htc.

To top all of that, British Heritage Tours are not only an elite team of heritage specialised guides – they are also qualified chauffeurs and the cars they drive include Jaguar XJ 5.0 V8, Mercedes S-Class and Rolls Royce Phantom, adding the touch of real luxury to your travels.

But for the ones wanting a true experience of a lifetime – London Helicopter Tours will certainly cater for that. You can book a corporate or an individual tour and explore London on a chartered flight. A simple visit to a staple landmark will never be the same again.



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