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Fancy pants dog hotel & spa

If your pooch is like one of the family then you’ll love this: Pets in the Citya doggy day spa and hotel in Auckland’s Mt Wellington where the VIP suites come with flat screen TVs playing the Nickelodeon channel and dog biscuits are left on their pillow at night. I kid you not.

The VIP suite complete with TV

This fully indoor dog resort is the creative enterprise of Rob and Carole Ellis and while I do not own a dog nor do I profess to be a dog lover (slobbery, needy things…) I can imagine some owners clapping their hands in glee at such a swanky find for their preciousness.

Doggy bikini

The gift shop is stocked with doggy car seats, clothes (including this Hawaiian bikini for the beach and sets of 4 miniature sheepskin boots) and neck bling. The day spa menu includes a wash and blow dry and fitness.

They also have a hydrotherapy spa for those who need to lose weight or are recovering from hip surgery and Hairy McLary posters adorn the walls.

There is a cattery with ensuites and a huge fish tank in the middle of the room so the pussys can salivate over the tantalising fish through their glass door and plan their moves when they get exercise time.

Mmmm Nemo....

Carole is also a qualified ‘Dog Listener‘ which means she understands what your dog is thinking and can solve all manner of issues from constant barking, jumping up, anxiety issues and even anger problems. I know this because I just interviewed her for a story in the Herald on Sunday about my friend Louise’s stressed out British Bulldog who has had his issues resolved. Here’s the story if you’re interested.

Check out Pets in the City’s full menu and price list here.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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