September 2, 2017

Flying over Mt Everest!

I added a couple of days on to my Nepal visit in Kathmandu. The main reason was to take a flight seeing trip over Mt Everest – and thankfully the weather obliged so up we went!

It was the end of the rainy season, so there was always the chance the clouds would be closed in. But not today!

I flew Yeti Airlines and paid about US$200 for the hour-long early morning flight which ended with a visit one by one into the cockpit (where I made this video) and glass of champagne in the air.


Himalaya mountains from plane

Mt Everest nestled among its mates of the Himalayas

Yeti Airlines mountain flight

Looking out at Everest

In the cockpit over Mt Everest

My face when I got to step into the cockpit!!

Mt Everest from cockpit

There she is: Mt Everest from the Yeti Airlines cockpit!

Mt Everest flight seeing

We flew up and around so both sides got to see Mt Everest

Champagne on Yeti mountain flight

Champagne all round!


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