February 19, 2010

Better than a Knuckle Sandwich

Auckland Scene: Luke Oram has a tip for all you amateur lovers out there.


I’m talking to all you who thought it would be kitsch to take your date out to Valentines, the restaurant for Valentines Day.  Because she’ll appreciate the irony, and you’ll appreciate the buffet.

Since all my collared shirts were in the wash, the wife and I decided to ditch the formalities and head to Handmade Burgers for Valentine’s dinner. Handmade’s been an institute in Kingsland for a while, but just over a year ago they opened their K Road incarnation in the old Norman Ng building, which most of you will know as the space formerly occupied by Brazil Café.

The lady had the Beef Med and I asserted my alpha male-ness with a Kingpin – char-grilled beef pattie, double bacon, a fried egg and Handmade’s trademark piece of flair – plum sauce. Be warned: the burger sizes at Handmade sit somewhere along the scale of a small planet. This is why the guy at the register has the smallest hint of a sadistic grin on his face as he asks you if you’d like fries with that.

Handmade’s pretty perfectly suited for 256 K Road – good place for the post-gig greasy, or a low key night on the town. You can whisper some sweet nothings in privacy on the quiet railway bench up top in the back, or you can sit out on the pavement having a perve at the PVC-clad ravers out front.

Go in on Saturday night and say hi to Bronson. He’s a good bugger and a most gracious host.

– Luke Oram

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