April 6, 2010

Rugby World Cup ticket inflation!

How about this for inflation??!! Out of the memorabilia boxes last week (and I’m talking about 80 years of rugby programs diligently collected from first class games and tests – oh the joy) we discovered this ticket and program of the last Rugby World Cup held in New Zealand back in 1987.

$5 ticket to Canada v Tonga in 1987

Check out the ticket price – $5 to see Canada v Tonga at McLean Park, Napier. Row B in the McKenzie stand for a fiver!!

To watch it this year? Well, Canada and Tonga are in Pool A along with the All Blacks, France and Asia 1 (sorry, who??) and to get to a repeat of this 1987 game is nothing short of an expensive rigmarole.

The first phase of ticket purchasing is about to begin and this requires you to pre-register. Then you’re gonna have to buy tickets either for the entire Pool games (in this case Pool A) or for every game at a particular venue. Oh and if you want Quarter Final or Bronze Final tickets, these can only be purchased AFTER you’ve bought one of the previous packs. Semi and Final tickets can only be won by ballot, which can only be entered when you’ve done everything else, plus stood on one leg, performed a solo haka and promised to pick up any RWC litter at every game.

Phase 1 applications will run from April 21 until May 21, 2010. If they’re not all sold out, then come August or September 2010, Phase 2 begins. You still need to pre-register but you can now apply for individual tickets.

So if you plan to cross your fingers between now and then in the hopes the pool and venue tickets don’t sell out, jump here to the individual ticket purchasing page at RugbyWorldCup.com, where you’ll find tickets priced from $30 to $480. If you just want Canada v Tonga in 2011 – they’re playing in Whangarei on September 14th and tickets range from $30 to $70. Plus a $15 handling fee.

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