March 31, 2010

The Feelers to bang out our RWC song!

Oh cripes. As if it weren’t enough of a hassle having a veritable bull’s run of foreigners overwhelming Kingsland on their way to Eden Park with their exorbitant spending and demands for exotic Savs.

Amidst Auckland’s infrastructure making a mad rush to get into ship-shape for the Rugby World Cup, the official theme song for the competition has been announced – and the rumours abounding on the interweb were true; the official tune of the RWC is The Feelers’ cover of the Jesus Jones hit ‘Right here, right now.’

That’s right folks. Not only will your local pub now be inaccessible, but your ears will also be assailed by our local Middle of the Road rock-sensations.

“Endlessly on radio and television – during the next 18 months.” The NZ Herald lauds with pride.

Personally, I’d have to echo Stuff, who echo Ad reporter Kris Lane, who says “Generally, if the Feelers are playing I like to be Anywhere Else, Right Then.”

Frankly, if the RWC administration were after a sound that best encapsulates the Kiwi, Speights-fuelled devotion to rugby, you’d be better off hitting up Jordan Luck, and if it’s national pride you’re after, then Dobbo’s got to be your one-stop shop.

Let’s just hope if we play it loud enough we can clear out The Kingslander for a few quiets with our fellow patriots.

Watch the promo clip here:

– Luke Oram, Auckland Scene blogger

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