October 24, 2009

The Sawyers Arms is open for business

I just had a beer and a cheers on behalf of the whole country to the newly opened Sawyers Arms on Hwy 50 in Tikokino.

You might remember hearing the shocking news back in January about loveable farmer Mark McCutcheon going to the aid of a woman who was being beaten up by a Mongrel Mob member outside the Ongaonga pub in central Hawkes Bay? He was stabbed and as he tried to drive home he never made it. It was an horrific thing to happen to a young father and husband and shook the community to the core.

Sawyers Arms, Tikokino

Sawyers Arms, Tikokino

But it also brought the community to together. Local businesses helped Mark’s wife Paula complete the refurbishment and provided materials and labour, friends mucked in and on Thursday the open sign when out.

I’m sure it was a sad day for the McCutcheons as well as amazing day of helping Mark’s vision succeed.

Hayden McCutcheon pouring a pint in Nippy's Bar

Hayden McCutcheon pouring a pint in Nippy’s Bar

So next time you’re hurtling along Highway 50 through Central Hawkes Bay, call in into Sawyers Arms for a wine from the region, a beer (including the neighbourly Tui brewery), get a meal or just a sandwich or a pie – and say hi to Paula and Mark’s brother Hayden.

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