February 16, 2015

Wellington: Get your WOW on!

Guest blogger and my fave Wellingtonian, Maggie Tweedie, checked out the fuss and hype last year to let us know what to expect. Here’s her post…


It’s WOW time!

The influx of 50,000 people into Wellington for WOW was certainly proof of the popularity of this incredible event. Wellington’s retailers thrived and competed with each other for the best wearable art window. Even Wellington’s iconic sign on the hill changed to “Wowington”,  with added promotion from partner Air New Zealand to help fill the streets. Pop up stores popped up and women were more than willing to support them. I discovered “Ladies Weekends” is the thing to do.

Erin Tomlinson, WOW

Erin Tomlinson’s Southern Belle. Model: Sophie Anderson. Photography:Eden Cowley

What to expect at W.O.W

The hype is well deserved. Last year was my second time at the show and was by far the best. Not simply a fashion show, World of Wearable Arts is comparable to Cirque du Soleil. It’s an excellent example of multimedia in a seamless, professional and outstanding production. The use of projection, skilled lighting, acrobatics, cinematography, fireworks, professional dance crews, acrobats, models and many more is simply breathtaking. And that’s before we get to the clothes.

Its not just a fashion show!

W.O.W is a global phenomenon. Thousands of hours are spent polishing these million dollar performances. And it’s not just for women, in fact men are spotted everywhere. The show is a polished representation of all forms of art, creatively using materials to capture a wearable stage presence.


 •  Bring your binoculars and a camera to take pictures before the show begins

•  D0 go to the bathroom before hand, you cannot afford to miss any part of the show!

•  Book ahead for restaurants. Especially if you are attending an evening performance. You do not want to wait in line 🙂


Have you been to WOW?


Wellington’s iconic World of Wearable Arts tickets for 2015 are on sale! (Click to check prices and availability)

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