February 4, 2010

Has Tripadvisor gone too far?

Tripadvisor is in the gun after releasing its list of the World’s Top Dirtiest Hotels as based on reviews by anonymous voters. Apparently it is well known that rival hoteliers write bogus bad reviews about their competitors and while Tripadvisor staff say they “moderate” comments and have “automated tools” to detect fraud we all know that you or I could write anything we want about any hotel and it’d be mighty hard to prove we weren’t actually guests.

Skanky lav

Skanky lav

I still reckon Tripadvisor has its place. It’s a great tool for those of us looking to head off somewhere and glean some tips on what the hotels are like, but that’s because we assume all the reviews are genuine. I was looking at one hotel yesterday in Bali and I’m not kidding, every 2nd review was terrible and every other was great. All written within 2 months. How can that be?

The Grosvenor Hotel in Blackpool, England is on Tripadvisor’s Dirty List and it has created a no little stink. The British Hospitality Association is now joining hotels across Europe to lobby the EU to rewrite the rules governing website reviews and make sure they’re legitimate.

If it was be uncovered that skulduggerous comments are allowed through willy nilly, that’s a pretty big problem for Tripadvisor. Your thoughts?

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"Has Tripadvisor gone too far?" - What do you think?

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