January 18, 2010

Oh Haiti how we cry for you

Unless you have been cut off from the world – yet somehow miraculously managing to read these blogs – you’ll know that the poor country of Haiti, to the east of Jamaica and just off the south eastern tip of Cuba, is lying in ruins after a massive earthquake that flattened their world. If you’re anything like me, you won’t know anything about Haiti, so here’s teeny snippet: The official languages are Haitian-Creole and French and it was the 1st independent black-led nation in the world – how amazing! They achieved their independence after a successful slave rebellion.

Montana Hotel, Haiti

Montana Hotel, Haiti

I’ve just read this article by Paul Clammer, the Lonely Planet author of the Haiti Guide, who is still trying to reach his many friends. In it he explains what has been damaged just as the country was finding its tourism feet again. Port-au-Prince, the capital city, was a cool place to visit for art and nightlife and now its Lonely Planet page content is gone and in its place is a note to say Port-au-Prince has been all but decimated.

So we’re short and sweet today – if you’re reading this in New Zealand you can make a simple $30 donation on your Telecom phone bill to World Vision who support more than 52,000 children and run 20 long-term programmes helping 300,000 people in Haiti. They have 370 workers there, all of whom escaped death but some of their family members didn’t.

Phone 0900 4 HOPE. And if you’re in another country, you will be able to make phone donations there too. Comments of your Haiti help line numbers below would be awesome.

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