October 4, 2010

Qantas delays really tick me off!

This is my first ever Qantas flight (apart from a quick jump between Auckland and Sydney once) and I’ve just spend 5 hours sitting on their 747 at Johannesburg Airport in South Africa while they tried to make one of the engines start. Not a good feeling to be honest – especially when we found out that the reason for the aircraft’s delay into Jo’burg is because of the same problem they had leaving Sydney 13 hours earlier.

Yup – I know how she feels

But it gets worse… After 5 hours of pushing buttons, the crew need a lie down and the engine won’t start so they offloaded all 400 passengers, we collected our luggage from Carousel 9 and were deployed to 3 different airport hotels. The queue at the Intercontinental was down the street and the 3 people on check in made the procedure span 1.5 hours… (I tried to offer a suggestion that the rego forms could be handed out so we could start filling them in. Don’t be silly.)

So we woke up and have spent the whole day wondering when and why – but big ups to Stella who is keeping everyone  informed in what must be one of her worst days in the office. Every hour we are told we’ll hear something next hour. Finally we heard 2 engineers have been flown up on today’s flight – which landed about 2 hours ago – and they have a part. Well at least we hope they have the part. The right part.

Meantime, we escaped from the hotel just now to be first in line to check our luggage on the MOMENT the desks were open. So far so good – we’re meant to be depart in 3 hours time…

What’s your worst flying story?

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