October 20, 2015

Travel peeve: Death by selfie stick!

Oh. My. Goodness. Selfie sticks are flailing about at every tourist spot across Europe and one could get a whack in the head if one isn’t careful (I met a man who wasn’t careful on our cruise. He also wasn’t happy. At least he still has his eyes).

Here are some pics I took WITHOUT A SELFIE STICK of the Selfie Stick Users for your eye-rolling pleasure…

Selfie stick peeves

African men sell selfie sticks in every city we’ve been to. They’ll ask for €10 but you can get one for €5. Not that I’m encouraging it!!

Cannes selfie

I don’t know who’s photobombing whom here! A selfie stick couple in Cannes.

Child being taught to use selfie

Train a child in the way she should go….

Acropolis selfie Athens

The Acropolis is crawling with tourists and their bumping selfie sticks.

Selfie in Florence

The squatting, concentrated selfie in Florence

Acropolis selfie

The concentrating selfie for the family from Athens.

Selfie at Ephesus

Suck in! Skinny arm. Leg forward. The team selfie gives everyone time to pose amongst the ruins of Ephesus.

Selfie stick reverse

The non-selfie. Seriously, what’s wrong with your hands?! At the Virgin Mary’s house in Ephesus.

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