October 29, 2010

Disney's new World of Colour show

Disneyland’s sister park California Adventure has never done as well as the big girl across the brick courtyard. Disney fans were always after the big rides and photo ops with Mickey over a retro experience with wine tastings from California and the tamer rides this park opened with (except the Hollywood Tower of Terror – now that’s flippin scary).

But all that is changing. Major development is underway for the next 2 years – Little Mermaid and Carsland are being built as we speak. But some crazy imagined things have already been built. If you’ve been before you’ll know the big lagoon under the Mickey Mouse rollercoaster (which is actually a hysterically, screamingly good ride).

At night when the sun goes down this pond has been transformed into an amazing water, light and fire show. Some call it Bellagio on steroids. We’re talking fountains and water spouts – but that’s just for starters.  A screen of water has images of Disney movies projected on it as the fountains dance and theme music blares. It’s cool. On busy days the 20-minute show runs 3 times. It’s free but you need to collect a timed ticket during the day for admission.

Check out my video here >>>

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